The Tree Fort Challenge

Oasis Summer Day Camp Tree Fort ChallengeOur campers will launch into a summer full of reading adventures with the encouragement of our Tree Fort Challenge. The Tree Fort Challenge is a unique feature of Oasis Summer Day Camp. It is an optional reading game designed to reward campers for the time they spend reading during the summer. “Campers are asked to read books they enjoy on topics they are interested in,” says Oasis owner James Schamber. “Comic books/graphic novels, newspapers, books on tape, even being read to by an adult counts.”

Campers receive a game board to score their progress.  Once completed prizes can be redeemed once a camper has reached the reading milstone. Because each camper is a one-of-a-kind reader there is no weekly timeline in which to redeem prizes. “During the school year students have deadlines and responsibilities to meet, so the Tree Fort Challenge is relaxed,” says James. “It’s a great way of promoting literacy year-round.” The challenge starts and ends all based on each individual camper. Its a fun way to fight regression! 

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Tree Fort Challenge