Goals For Each Age Group

4-5 year olds

Our goal for the smallest of our campers is to provide a safe and fun-filled introduction to the camp experience. They maintain the same schedule as their fellow campers but at a slower pace with far more assistance from adults in a patient and caring way. This allows them to feel the accomplishment of being a camper with a higher level of care. We help little ones work in a group; understanding the importance of rules, safety, and being considerate of one another.  

6-7 year olds

When our campers graduate to this age group we are working to help their level of independence grow a bit. The areas targeted include organization of camp materials and improving the ability to work together. This is accomplished by team building activities, teaching skills to stay organized and by building in time to pack and check bags. 

8-9 year olds

We think of this group as the emerging leaders and so we try to provide them with opportunities to help in setting up activities, assisting team leaders and allowing them to demonstrate camp rules for smaller campers. These opportunities help instill a sense of pride and help to reinforce the importance of positive behavior. 

10-12 year olds

The eldest of our Oasis campers get to have all of the fun of participating in our award-winning program and assume a leadership role among campers by setting an example for the smaller ones. They will work with the younger campers during on-site days which gives them an opportunity to develop patience and demonstrate compassion. In addition, this group is given more freedom to choose their day and generally seem to feel more ownership over their experience. This is a time that we foster independence and leadership qualities by offering opportunities to create, lead and choose during free time.

Jr. Counselors:

The junior counselor experience is one that allows preteens to continue to have an action-packed summer with trips and activities they still enjoy while experiencing it as a role model in a clear leadership role. Our junior counselors are paired with counselors and asked to loosely assist the group. If interested the may be able to assist or teach an on-site program including the Lego S.T.E.M building, sports activities and/or comic book making lessons. We have seen the pride our Jr. counselors have felt from taking on this teaching role. This can be a wonderful experience for someone who is getting ready for the daunting jump from junior high to high school.