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Oasis Summer Day Camp, LLC Receives 2016 Best of Highland Park Award

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Oasis Summer Day Camp, LLC Receives 2016 Best of Highland Park Award

Highland Park Award Program Honors the Achievement

2016 Oasis Open House Date Announced.  Please Join Us!

So you can meet staff members, Mad Science, Sticky Fingers Cooking, Soccer Kids USA, and Gourmet Gorilla, view camp groups, enjoy our facilities, collect fabulous camp supplies, and have a tasty snack!

Are you and your kids counting down the days until summer camp? Being stuck inside on cold, winter days can make kids antsy, but yoga is the perfect way to help them get moving and have fun doing it. Try these kid-friendly yoga activities with your family the next time you're indoors.

Prevent Homesickness

A lot of kids -- particularly those who have never been away from home for very long -- feel quite homesick during overnight camp. Day camp provides a fun camp option without this issue.

Every teacher and most parents are aware of the summer slump: students lose academic ground during the summer. Summer camp is one way to fight the summer slump.

Having fun isn't the only benefit of sending your children to our Chicago, Illinois summer camp. Sure, your kids will enjoy their time swimming, playing sports, learning important science concepts (Shh! We won't tell them they are learning if you don't!), cooking, and more, but there are many additional benefits to Oasis Day Camp. 

At Oasis Summer Day Camp Winnetka Illinois campus, we're all too familiar with the winter doldrums. Harsh winter weather makes it hard to play outside for too long, and everyone wants to just sit in front of the TV with a cup of hot cocoa. Don't let this dreary weather hold your kids back. Use some of these fun ideas to help them learn while they're having fun.

School days tend to trigger a bit of anxiety for parents and children alike. Tests, grades, homework, on-going assessments...sometimes it simply becomes overwhelming, and we begin to long for days filled with care-free activities with no pressures for our precious young ones.

Early Bird Enrollment Has Begun!

As we approach the end of 2015, it is time to start thinking about what you will be doing with your kids for the summer of 2016. You want something that will be educational but fun at the same time – a camp that mixes learning with play. The Winnetka or Highland Park campus of Oasis Summer Day Camp should be your first consideration when it comes to sending your bright young mind to summer camp in the Chicago area. 

With the cold, winter season upon us, it may be hard for your children to have fun while the weather remains uncooperative.  The frigid temperatures, biting winds, and snow may make it difficult for children to have fun outside.  They (and you!) could suffer from cabin fever, making time spent with them stressful and enjoyable.  Consider these activities to have winter fun while remaining warm.