Winter Fun For Kids: Winter day camp!

We typically think of camp as a signature summer activity. How about day camp for your kids in the Winter?

Why Winter Day Camp?

  • Fun Winter Activity: Finding things for kids to do for the length of winter break is a greater challenge than in the summer. Cold weather and possible snow limits activities leaving your family prone to cabin fever. The winter day camp staff is fully prepared to accommodate kids with fun and social activities. The organizational structure of our camp environment will fully accommodate the recreational and social needs of the kids during the winter program.
  • Safe Organized Care for Kids: If you have to work during winter break you will have the peace of mind knowing that your kids are having fun and socializing in a safe and caring environment.
  • Active Mind, Active Body and Active Social Life: Staying indoors lends itself to sedentary anti-social technology based passive recreation. This can create mental, social and muscular atrophy. Winter camp allows kids to engage in traditional personal activities and make new friends. Participating in games and activities at camp will keep their minds and bodies engaged.
  • Routine, Structure and Schedule: Putting aside how we feel about these three words as adults kids function extremely well with organized activity. Winter break removes children from their daily routine. The transition back to school in January is difficult for many kids. A fun place to go on winter weekdays provides vacation type recreation and at the same time maintains a daily routine similar to school. 
  • Primer for Summer Camp: If your child has not experienced our summer program the winter program is a wonderful first step! After the winter session is over they will look forward to their summer program. If you child has been to Summer Day Camp they don't have to wait the entire school year to enjoy their camping program.

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