Spending two days a week at a water park or beach is such fun for our campers, but ensuring it is safe fun is our top priority. Many parents of young children express concerns about swim days at summer camp. As parents of a young one, we understand how frightening it can be to trust others to supervise your child around water. For that reason we’d like to provide a little more information about how water safety is accomplished at Oasis Summer Day Camp.

Every park or beach we visit is a physical space that has been deemed safe by the park district that owns and operates it. The benefit of their design assures there are no risky or dangerous areas that can be potentially harmful to swimmers. Every space has been designed with young ones in mind in order to provide the opportunity for safe fun.

Another benefit of using park district owned swim destinations as opposed to many camps with their own pools is the additional support. Each pool or beach is fully staffed with lifeguards and medical personnel to supervise and respond to patrons. These are trained individuals who are specifically hired to promote safety. In addition, every staff member at Oasis is CPR certified. Lifeguards can perform swim assessments and advise on campers swim abilities as needed. We at Oasis feel it is best to have lifeguards who are constantly monitoring the water and hard scapes in addition to our staff.

Finally, our counselors are spaced at “stations” throughout the park to provide an additional layer of protection. Each station is an area of the swim park that is visible and close enough to get to quickly; with our low camper-to-staff ratio we are able to cover the entire park. Counselors are assigned to stations throughout the day and rotate during designated times to provide supervision. Counselor stations are all over the swim destination covering every area a camper has access to. Each counselor is able to swim well and CPR certified. We even have the benefit of having a lifeguard certified counselor who gives swim lessons to campers whose parents request them!

For the campers who are identified as being a “non” or “beginner” swimmer, or are just not comfortable around water, we require them to wear water park provided swim vests. We have many campers each year who wear swim vests so there is no concern about them “sticking out” or being ostracized.  These are also campers who naturally become better swimmers during the summer and can be swim tested at any time to show that there is no longer a need for a vest.

At Oasis Summer Day Camp we are always attempting to provide the most fun and enriching experiences for our campers. At the same time we always pursue a high level of safety in every activity. We wanted to share the many ways we at Oasis are able to provide safe swim fun and make parents rest a little easier knowing their campers are well taken care of.