Four Ways to Have Winter Fun in Highland Park

With the cold, winter season upon us, it may be hard for your children to have fun while the weather remains uncooperative.  The frigid temperatures, biting winds, and snow may make it difficult for children to have fun outside.  They (and you!) could suffer from cabin fever, making time spent with them stressful and enjoyable.  Consider these activities to have winter fun while remaining warm.


Bake with Your Children

Baking with your children can bring a family closer.  Kids often enjoy “playing” with dough, creating shapes and decorating cookies, cakes, and cupcakes.  Learning how simple ingredients can be combined to make tasty food can awaken their curiosity and sharpen skills they already have.  Best of all, your kids will have gained a sense of accomplishment when these baked goods come out of the oven.  Knowing that, they helped to make these delicious things is almost as good as eating them.  


Make an Indoor Obstacle Course

Create an indoor obstacle course with your children.  Just remember to move breakable items out-of-the-way!  This activity helps them burn off that excess energy that could be driving you (and them) crazy.  Some obstacles that they could do are:  have them crawl under the dining room table and chairs, walk five times back and forth across a room while balancing something on their heads, create a ring toss, do jumping jacks, or walk in a straight line while reciting a silly poem.  Be creative.  Ask your children for some input.  Half the fun could be coming up with the obstacle course.

Perform a Play

Encourage your children to create their own play.  They will have fun thinking of a story, getting the props, and dressing up for the play.  You will have fun watching them “perform” and giggle their way through the play they made just for you.  Improvising their way through a short play encourages imaginations, role-playing, and movement.  Help with their play, by offering to perform as well.  


Have a Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts can keep kids occupied for hours.  Looking for specific items (anything from books to things under the couch to pictures in magazines) within your home lets children explore without straying outside.  Find a printable scavenger list here or create one yourself.  Whoever finds the most clues can lead to a prize.


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