Day Camp Bonus: Socialization and Friends for Life

Technology, it seems, has become a part of every day living to the point that we would be lost without it. It is easy to see that even our kids are hooked as they spend several hours a day in front of a screen.

Most screen time is in solitude and some studies show that adults and children alike are losing social and communication skills as media and games take the place of face to face conversation.

Just the words "day camp" lend themselves to the fun feeling of activities outside the norm. Ask any adult around you if they had the opportunity to attend camp as a kid, watch eyes light up and prepare for great stories of reminiscing!

Most parents enroll kids in camp to keep them busy throughout the summer break or as a form of elevated childcare during work hours. Along with offering activities and structured play, camp lends itself to bonuses we do not often think of as we enroll the kids. 

While kids learn communication and social skills during their school hours, day camp allows them to experience community on another level.

Winter Day Camp is around the corner. When the children arrive to participate they will meet new friends from varied backgrounds. Introducing kids to new people and helping them learn how to make new friends helps them master a communication skill that they will benefit from in the workforce when they become adults.

Once campers get over the awkward moments that come along with meeting new people, they will soon become friends. Through the great day camp activities such as sports, crafts, and competitions the kids will form a friendship bond that will last far beyond the camp experience. Once camp has come to a close, kids can use the wonders of technology and social media to stay in touch for years to come.

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