Books to Read with Your Child Before Summer Camp

With the Holiday season upon us, it may seem a little soon to think about summer camp. It's never too soon to prepare your child for the summer. Books are a great way to introduce the world of summer camp! Through reading your child will get to hear about the camp experience through the eyes of some of their favorite characters. Whether your child is excited for summer camp, or has reservations, these books are fun to read, and will generate excitement for the summer to come.

Letters From Camp is a book by Kate Klise and is appropriate for children between the ages of 8 and 12. It is a story about a camp for siblings who do not get along. During their stay at camp, they learn to work together, and get to know each other in ways they didn't before.

The Berenstein Bears are iconic characters and a great way to get younger kids revved up for camp. In The Berenstein Bears Go To Camp, by Stan and Jan Berenstein, Brother and Sister are apprehensive about camp. Once they go to Grizzly Bob's Day Camp, they see how much fun camp is.

Todd Strasser continues his popular kids series with Help! I'm Stuck in the First Day of Camp! Children 9 and older will enjoy reading about Jake Sherman, a boy who does not want to go to summer camp. He experiences a series of mishaps on the first day, and dreams he has to live through it over and over. In the end he makes new friends and realizes that his worries were for nothing.

The Boxcar Children series is a popular one with kids between the ages of 6 and 10. Written by Gertrude Chandler Warner, The Summer Camp Mystery shows the children working together to solve problems and challenges.

We hope you and your children will enjoy reading these books while getting ready for summer camp. Please contact us for more on what we offer at our camp!