3 Ways to Ease Your Reluctant Camper's Mind (and yours!)

Sending a child into a new situation, like Oasis Summer Day Camp , can be anxiety producing for both children and parents. No one knows quite what to expect and many children become flustered by transitions (e.g. school ending, camp beginning). Here are a few ways to ease the stress of these moments while your child adjusts to the daily routine of going to camp.

  1. Prep for coming changes:

This may seem like a no-brainer, but simply discussing plans ahead of time can create a smoother transition for kids. Describing what changes will take place, creating excitement about new activities, and discussing ways to bring closure to activities that are ending (e.g. school) will prime your child to be ready for the first day of drop-off.

  1. Establish a routine:

Children crave consistency. If you are able to establish a consistent routine for drop-off, the child will know exactly what to expect. It can be as simple as one hug and a kiss before walking away or as complicated as an overview of the day and when you will be back. Whatever you choose, never deviate from this plan. Once your child realizes that they won’t be able to have “one more hug”, they will stop requesting one and transition easier.

  1. Communicate:

Keeps lines of communication open between not just you and your camper, but staff as well. Getting to know camp counselors and other staff can help ease your mind as well as establish a connection between you and your camper’s new leaders. Communication can also come in handy in the form of a note in a lunchbox or a text message during the day to reassure your camper that you are still thinking about them.

Armed with these tips, you and your brood are ready for another season of camp! Oasis Summer Day Camp is already taking registrations, so why not sign up now?  Or feel free to contact us with any inquiries!